Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Suspension Brooch

Kinetic Series: Poetry Brooch with Suspension Movement

Okay, so as Jo has kindly reminded me just now, I shall have my Degree Classification results in just under and hour. So as of about fifteen minutes ago I was officially (but ever so quietly) freaking out. Anyone fancy a little bit of dutch courage in a cocktail glass?


Maria Margaret Maclennan. said...

Oh my god I'm so scared for you!!! I'm freaking out and I still have two years to go haha!!! Good luuuuccck! Roll on Friday and a little glass of vino!xxx

Emily Lucie Jessica Boyd said...

Vino! Oh dear no, I'll just end up all maudlin!
I'm really happy, I managed to do really well and don't you worry, it seems scary now...

...and it's scarier when you're there :P

Will stick a link to your page from mine love.


Lisa J. Murphy said...

Congrats on the results ;-)!

Loved all of your work!

Teena did the guided tour today for us wee 2nd years, doing the who got what etc. Your display was awesome, and the pieces amazing!

Now...time to relax and enjoy the vino!!

Lisa x

Maria Margaret Maclennan. said...

Awch you're allowed to come over a little maudlin every First Class Honors Degree you complete... 1 degree, 1 glass! x

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