Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Flora Necklace Series.

Flora Series: Saw pierced Silver on Snake Chain
Finally I've actually made something floral. For years I did floral patterns and then always ended up with really architectural jewellery...is this because of an inability to see part metal being something quite cold and formal or the fact that everyone seems to do floral designs and I didn't really want to be like everyone else in my work?
Who knows?
Commissioned pieces for my father for the girls at work, it was intended to show a kind of progressional growth of a plant, but a couple don't really sit in the sequence. My favourites are the first second and third from the left and I'm happy because Pat, Pauline, Anne and Jean have all been wearing them and Aileen said that it was exactly the sort of thing she would buy for herself from a shop. Hopefully will make some other designs & shapes for this series as the year goes on.

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