Monday, 8 February 2010

Peridot Tri-Corner Bracelet

(Stirling Silver with 3 Princess Cut Peridot)

Another in my tri-corner series, which normally have fidgets on them moving around the bracelet. But in this case I've used princess cut Peridots. It was a commission from my Grandpa for part of my Gran's Christmas present and Peridots are one of her favourite stones, so I chose the princess cut to match a ring she had made by one of my tutors/ex-boss a few years ago.

I'm still working on my sizing formula to make these bracelets, it's a little complicated, but I think I've got it more or less solved so long as I don't put my bracelet sizer to the wrong size to begin with. I did that at Christmas and ended up having to make two completely new bracelets. Which was time consuming, however it does mean that I have spares now to sell once I put on the fidgets.

Always a bright side!

(Need to take a better picture - benefit of it being Gran's is I still can!)

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