Sunday, 25 April 2010

Extra! Extra!

Strange how you keep some random things. Jen stuck this on my work bench in uni in 4th year after finding it in the paper, and when I packed everything up I very carefully put it away and then pinned it back up in the spare room and then my workshop. However I've decided to move it to right in front of my bench where I can see it everyday.

My posting this is fairly self explanatory I hope, I'm forcing myself back to the workbench and I'm going to get myself sorted out. Might take a while, but it's a start.

And I have a question for all jewellers who may follow my blog (lovely people that you are!) where can I get my hands on a scoring tool for scoring 45degree lines in silver. My latest ideas kind of rely on it and I have googled every version of "scoring tool" I can think of and I have had no luck. Am I just being really dumb and they're not really called scoring tools or is this some sort of magical tool which Brian the ex-technician at DoJ came up with?

I'd go borrows there, but this close to the degree show I'll just get in the way.

So, any ideas?


Dougie Kinnear said...

The ones in DoJ were home made, if a scribe isn't good enough then I think you'll have to make your own. I was going to make one using an old file but the grinding wheels at DoJ have been condemned so I can't grind down a scoring edge.

Have a look in B&Q etc for hand held ceramic tile scorers you might find something usable.

Emily said...

Cheers Dougie! That's what I feared when I couldn't find anything online. Good old Brian and his ingenuity. I've found a few suggestions on how to score & make tools etc on Ganoksin but wanted to see if there were any you could buy:

Shall have a go with that or it's back to scribing, sawing & filing really wiggly lines.

Ta muchly!

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