Thursday, 20 May 2010


I am so, incredibly, mind-numbingly dumb sometimes. I few posts ago I asked if anyone knew where I could get a scoring tool. Truth is, you can't. The one we were taught to use at uni was made by the technician Brian. However, this isn't why I'm dumb. I'm dumb because the answer has been staring me in the face for months! And almost worst is the answer is held within one of my favourite jewellery books, Tim McCreight's Boxes and Lockets: Metalsmithing Techniques.

Because of the forms I have a tendency to make for my chess set & hollow forms, it's always the first book I turn to if I need help with techniques. However, with the scoring question, I didn't even think to look in it! But there it is, on page 14 "Scraping a Groove" how to make a scraping/scoring tool.

It's a simple process of heating an old file (which I do not have unfortunately), bending the tang at 90°, quenching and then filing & sanding the end into the desired angle, which for my purposes is about 45°. I just need to get some hardened steel and a handle...oh yeah and do a process I haven't done since week one of jewellery and metalsmithing. Not scared about that at all given my temperamental torch and shaky hands.

Tim McCreight's, Boxes and Lockets: Metalsmithing Techniques, is one of the best books I've found, and I really do go back to it time and again. Which is why I stumbled upon this today. I wholeheartedly recommend going out and buying it. It's available from Amazon for about £20.


Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
I like your blog and I also want to thank you for the info about the Metalsmithing Techniques book. I will start following your blog from now on. Good job and better luck for the future. Greetings from Barcelona

Emily said...

Thank you Carles, I really need to update my blog, it's been too long since I added anything to it and I really do feel bad about that. I suppose posting here just cements the fact that my jewellery designing is going through a rough patch.

However, I think I'm going to try and do a few reviews/recommendations of books for jewellers and specifically for students. It will give me an excuse to go through all the ones I own and look for some inspiration in techniques and other designers.

The Boxes & Lockets book is wonderful. McCreight has a really easy manner of explanation and his books are always wonderfully illustrated.

Again, thank you for following my blog and here's hoping for a few more posts in the months to come.


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