Friday, 8 October 2010

Silver Peacocks...

Something little for my friend Bex. In fact it's for my friend to give to her friend as a wedding present and this is a prototype which I stupidly managed to chop the bottom off of, forgetting that it would lose its rigidity. Dim sometimes aren't I?

I know it doesn't seem much, it's just a little peacock charm, but at least it's making something.

Typically anything I've been making I've either not quite finished yet or I have forgotten to photograph as it's been a tad rushed, but again, at least I'm making a little again.

I hate that I've been abandoning this blog, mostly because every time I look at it I remember that I'm not making and the fact that that's making me feel even worst about it. But at least I'm blogging on my other blog more frequently, keeps my toe in.

On one of the blogs I follow, the author asked the followers to comment on why they create. And it's got me thinking about it all.

I create because that's what comes naturally. When I sit down in front of a book or to write an essay, it's difficult, it's uncomfortable and while I did find some enjoyment about writing essay/dissertations for uni, it never felt right. Making things with my hands feels right and this is partly down to the dyslexia but I've never tried to use that as an excuse or reason for anything. I just...I always remember being elbow deep in paint or paper mache or sewing, making perfume from rose petals and my own handmade paper from when I was tiny. When I was little, I always made things and that's how my brain works. Hand me a DIY set of shelves I'll make it up without looking at the instructions, get me to set something up which requires a manual and I'll end up hours later with nothing made.

I guess that's why I always found learning techniques in the workshop fun and so much easier than lectures, because if you show me how to do it, I'll get.

I create because creating makes sense. Which only makes the lack of creativity even more distressing I suppose.

Right now, I'm back to making paper mache mushrooms for the window display at work. It's probably our last one on the run up to Christmas at which point all my knitting obsessiveness will be explained. And hopefully Christmas's ever looming presence will give me a boost to make things for the practice.

Shall post the other pieces I've made once they're finished - something I will force myself to do sooner rather than later.

Hope everyone's well!

Love, Em x


Buy Design said...

I love your little peacock. And the mushrooms.. I saw them in the window when I was in Blair this morning. Admittedly, I shouldn't have been pottering around Blairgowrie as I have a Christmas shopping night in the shop to get ready for in...oh 2 and a half hours..So easy to get distracted sometimes.

Emily said...

Thank you!

You know, I have only just gotten back from finishing the shroom window (Pictures to follow). Louise and I were putting paper leaves at the top which we spent all of last night cutting out. And there will be additions all the way up to Christmas.

I think it's my favourite window of this year. And we've already had a really good reaction, mum came home this morning telling us about all the people who had commented and stopped to look. It's really nice to see.

Hope the christmas shopping night goes well! And don't worry...I'm just as easily distracted ;) x

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