Sunday, 3 August 2008

Shoal Earrings #2

Shoal Earrings #1 (Photoetched Silver)
These are the earrings I wear all the time, they're the first piece of jewellery I've really made for myself. They're really,comfortable and although (as you may be able to see) they've tarnished a little, I actually quike the discolouration - jewellery's meant to be worn, not hidden in boxes. It's quite sad thinking of things you've made just sitting in their little boxes all alone.
Shoal Earrings #2 (Photoetched silver)
These earrings were part of a commission along with a matching necklace, I admit. I didn't want to sell them. I'd have quite happily worn these down in London. Anyone who knows me well will know that I rarely go anywhere without earrings on, plus, despite us not really being encouraged to make earrings at university, they always sell really well.

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