Sunday, 3 August 2008

Travelling Draughts Set

Travelling Draughts Set: Silver and Stone Resins
As I have spent the past few months making my larger scale Chess sets, before I went to New Designers I thought it would be interesting to play around with scale and so I came up with this simple Drafts design. My intent is to make this design like a travel game and have it magnetized and possibly use either found objects or enamel in order to have have a more colourful and playful game.
When I was in London I talked to another designer who chose to approach his final year by making toys and a chess set. He made this amazingly fun and colourful design based on children cheating in the very formalised game. Chess Boy's approach (as referred to by my friends, his actual name is Thomas) and the number of children who I talked too during the two shows have made me want to make a set which is not only more affordable, but also more playful and childish. Even I admit my Parliament set is quite severe.

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