Friday, 8 August 2008

Work in Progress...

On the Lochs Eye... (Hammered Silver - Sketch & Started Piece)

On the Lochs Eye Earrings (Silver, hammered and left fire stained)

On the loch's eye a cataract is forming.
Fistfuls of white make the telephone wires
loop after loop of snow bunting.

Extract: Notes on a Winters Journey with a Footnote by Norman MacCaig.

How beautiful is that image? I've tried so may times to design something around that stanza and for once I've come up with something I I've said that I'll probably hate it by the morning or not go the way I wanted, but it still doesn't change that for now I have an idea.

Plus, I know the snow bunting is also a bird! How cute is the little fella?
Moorings Brooch (Sketchbook + extract from Norman MacCaig's Moorings)

Just an idea...

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