Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood...

I took the road less travelled by,
And that made all the difference.
Robert Frost
I have a little bit of news, I've been accepted onto the Masters of Design course at Duncan of Jordanstone for this September, so I shall be returning to the old university for another year. I'm excited, scared beyond belief and hopeful that it will be very valuable along with doing the Artist in Residency. It was all a bit of a rush and I think most of my friends assumed I’d decided not to make an application, but I think this is right.

Anyway I’ve been working on a few new design using quite chunky hollow forms on different earring fittings as well as playing with the draughts idea again...

Hollow Form Earrings (White Precious Metal)

Hollow Form Earrings (White Precious Metal)

Found Object Draughts Set (Buttons on Ceramic Tile)

Obviously this isn’t a finished piece – if it was I think I might be certified – but ideas come in all shapes and forms, in this case me scribbling on one of the tiles on my workbench in permanent marker and emptying a pencil case full of buttons all over my workrooms floor (I seriously keep finding them everywhere, I think they’re breeding!). I just really like the idea of using buttons for some of the travelling pieces, mostly because I just like buttons when they’re set like a traditional cabochon, but also because it does fit in with the travelling theme.

Think about it this way. How many buttons have you lost while you’ve been out? They wouldn’t give spare buttons on shirts/trousers/coats or give you sewing kits when you’re on holiday if I was seriously the only person ever to have done that. You go off on holiday and you drop things and you think bugger, I actually needed that. You always see buttons and coins and things dropped by people as they go about their lives and I love that.

It’s like seed dispersal but in button form.


Lisa J. Murphy said...

Congrats on the Masters acceptance! Will be great to see what your working on this year, was going to miss all the 4th years banter over the coming months! Plus, it means if any of us new 3rd years panic, we have a understanding ear to listen :)! Comforting words last year on how not to panic with a certain lady beginning with the letter T definitely helped! See you in September!

Lisa x

Emily said...

Thanks Lisa.

I have to admit I was going to miss seeing people around uni, although I would have been there a little just because of the Artist in Residency.

Just to calm your nerves. Third year isn't that bad (it's certainly better than when I did it from the looks of this years course structure). And as for the tutors, you're a year older, you will go back with more confidence within the department and even if you don't like the projects or's a year.
You get your head down, you enjoy it as much as you can and you make sure that in 4th year you are working on something you're interested in.

I'll talk to you when we get back and I hope you've had a nice summer.


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