Monday, 15 September 2008

Really Freaking Out...

It's official. I'm freaking out. Tomorrow I begin the process of Matriculation and meeting my tutors/fellow students and I didn't realise it. I haven't checked my email in the last few days and hadn't seen the timetable, so although I knew I was matriculating on Tuesday, I wasn't aware I had anything on Monday. So now, of course, I have that horrible queasy feeling in my stomach, which will no doubt result in me being unable to sleep or think or function without babbling or snapping.
I am not prepared for doing a Masters. I've had a grand total of about a month to come to terms with the fact that I've just let myself in for another year of university!

The only saving grace is I got funding! I don't have to find the £3000+ for my tuition fees.

Okay, to take my mind of things I've got a few photos to upload onto here of recent work, including:

Button Draughts Set (Stirling Silver, Buttons & Neodydium Magnets)

The set is infact finished. Except for the board. I'm having problems with the board. It was easy to work those out when your pieces were of a normal size, but when it's got to fit into a 13X15cm space without looking crampt or scruffy is hard. I suppose I can at least beg a go on the Laser Cutter at uni now and try and run off some perspex ones.

Floral Army: Button Draughts (Sterling Silver, coverable buttons & floral material)

I'm obsessed, I know, but this is half of my textiles army. It's based on the idea of travel and is made from old floral material - in a very Laura Ashley moment - which has had a history and a life and moved between places. Or at least that's the theory. Floral fabric and Stirling Silver. I've just gotten some more fabric for the opposing side, however I haven't decided what one I shall be using.

And now for a little bit of randomness. This is how I spent a ridiculous number of hours during the week doing for work. Making hundreds (and I mean hundreds) of origami cranes for my dad's opticians window display. Louise and I spent two days making all of these birdies and this is the result of evening one. So there are none of my giant, flamingo-like, pink cranes or the giant pink swans or the army of chinguins (a bizarre half breed of chickens and penguins who seems intent on attacking me in order to hold the golden crane hostage - don't ask)...I can now make them by heart and one day I shall get my wish by making 1000 of the little blighters.

Now I'm going to sign off and go and panic quietly for the rest of the night and subsequent day.

(PS: I apologise if anyone has emailed me and I've yet to respond. I've been busy with the application onto the Masters and then the ridiculous mess that was the PSAS funding application and then working on these pieces and everything else...I know I sound as though I'm making excuses, but my mind has been else were. Sorry. I will get back to you.)


Robyn Christina said...

I just love the buttons - beautiful my dear :) Merci beaucoup for the birthday card Mily, I've been trying to respond with a letter for a couple of weeks but have been a little too manic to do so - I'm back to college, started today!! Not jewellery though.... horticulture! Random and very last minute - I shall explain all when I finally put pen to paper and post you a few lines. Hope all went well with your induction etc. Speak soon, love bob x

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily,
Uncle M pointed me here :-)
You have some lovely work on your site. Where can I find what jewellery you have for sale?

Good luck for the next year,

Emily said...

Hi Robyn, mon plaisir mon cher. Don't worry about the letter, just write me when you have time (and I'm sure even more news!). You're in the same position I am and I completely understand. My choice to go into the Masters was also very last minute and of course I wish you all the luck in the world. I'm sure you'll make a fab horticulturalist - you'll make a fab anything!

We'll have to catch up when we both have a little time - I know my timetable is ridiculously packed, but I miss my bobbin!

Induction going fine, busy week and feels so weird being back without everyone else - I miss the girls, but at least the second and third years are still around.

Anyway, speak soon. Bonne chance et bonne nuit, love Mily x

Emily said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for contact me. Most of the pieces of work on the site are for sale, I have a few bracelets at a friends gallery and obviously a few items sold. I also have new sets of earrings which I've been working.

My email is if you'd like to contact me and if there's anything you're specifically interested in such as earrings, necklaces etc I'll send you some photos.

Eventually I will get a website set up to show all the pieces, but it's not happened quite yet. I'm hoping as part of this new course I will learn a bit more about web design and be able to set one up.

Obviously because I've started my Masters this week my attention is going towards this and I may not respond here or to emails that quickly. However, I will get back to you as soon as I can and I can always send a CD-ROM of my work to Uncle Malcolm to be passed on to you.

Hope this helps,
Best wishes

Jackal said...

I really like the 'button draught set' great work.

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