Sunday, 5 October 2008

Once again...

Once again, I have to apologise for not posting in a while, I've not have a chance or anything much to write, but here's a catch-up:

First proper week of my Masters I had to take most of the week off after discovering that I had half an inch of steel dress makers pin in my foot. Yep, I did say half an inch, I finally went to the doctors after I stopped being able to walk on my foot properly and had a sneaking suspision there was something lucking just under my big toe. What happened was, I moved my room around, I dropped a box of pins, I picked all of them up - or so I thought - and then I slam my foot into something sharp and painful...then it snapped and I didn't realise.

I had to have a minor operation to remove it and wasn't allowed to walk on the antibiotics made me a little dopey and I kept falling asleep.

Anyway, the first week - despite that - was really interesting as has this week, which I had to spend running between Blair, the uni, lectures, the laser cutter and Crieff. Why the latter two? Because I am currently part of an exhibition in the Strathearn Gallery in Crieff and the owner wanted my small draught sets, which I was lacking boards I laser cut them. I love that machine! (Here's a fun YouTube clip which is an industrial laser cutter...ours isn't nearly as funky!)

The exhibition opened on the 4th of October (yesterday) and runs until the 8th of November. Which is exciting and I have the two chess sets and three draught sets being, I found out today that a lot of my friends are in it to, which is nice. So goodluck to all of them!

To be honest there's not much to report as I've obviously - because of uni - not been making much jewellery, I do however have a new blog for people to follow & comment on my Masters research . Enjoy.

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