Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Resin Cufflinks '09

I got commissioned to make presents for the staff at work again this year, which is always fun, until it comes to working out what to do for the gents. Last year I made slate resin cufflinks, very simple pieces, one of which I really liked and was really proud of, the other I still feel needs tweaked. It happened again this year.

I admit I'm slightly stumped when it comes to what men wear as jewellery - it's something I really have to do some more research into as I don't have brothers and my dad and grandfather don't wear jewellery. I've also never had to buy any for a guy. So I went with cufflinks again and I decided to make them a bit colourful.

Anyway, I love the blue ones, they're a little reminiscent of Star Trek, but I worked exactly as they were in my head - which barely ever happens. I think they go with my style a little more than the yellow, but that's mostly because I couldn't quite get the colour I wanted (until after I'd filled them typically) and I managed to miss align one dot, so it's still driving me mad! I also completely polished them after I took these photos, as I'd not done the edges yet - thank God this was before my ultra sonic cleaner, pickle and quenching pot froze solid in the -14 degree weather!

Anyway, I just hope they recipients liked them!

(More on the way, just editing the pictures!)

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