Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Visa Versa Fidgets

As promised, some of the pieces I made over Christmas. Visa Versa Fidget Bracelets are made of Stirling silver, with either the fidget elements or the bracelet being polished and the other frosted. Thus visa versa. I made six of them as part of a commission with round, oval and tri-corner fidgets on either a round or flattened tri-corner bracelet. They're really light and I've been working on my own formula for sizing - it's a little complicated. I'm wanting to do a lot more with this kind of design, I've designed a load of versions on Rhino3D, just need to purchase the silver to make them!



Holly Wilcox said...

love love love them! (: when are you coming to visit us? :P xxxx

Emily said...

Auw, thanks Holly!

I'll come visit soon I promise, I miss you guys lots - being gone from uni feels weird but going back feels weirder!

Hope 4th year's going well, arrange a catch up soon, promise. xxxx

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