Sunday, 4 July 2010

Poetry Corner

Scar city is the brief: the null slogan

that underwrites the ad men

Who've put up huge billboards

by the side of the expressway,

screening off the derelict houses

and patches of waste ground from view.

Near the industrial district, half

a street's worth of wire fences

surrounds a building site: trenches

and wooden crosses in the mud.

The contractor's logo on a red sign

declares the enterprise: MEND-A-

Saving Face - Joel Lane

I've been contemplating inspiration of late...well, not of late, more like for the past few months whilst trying to drive myself barmy. Not that that actually takes a lot. However I realised the other day that I've stopped reading poetry. Which in the past has been one of my main sources of inspiration. I think other than the designers block I've been struggling with poetry because I've been re-reading poems which I love to death rather than new ones which could lead to new ideas.

So, what I'd like is suggestions of pieces of poetry, old or modern, short or long, hiaku or epically long. I don't mind. But I would love it if anyone who reads this post would take a moment to think of their favourite piece of poetry and post it's name.

I don't mind if you never return to my blog, but I would be grateful for the inspiration!


Buy Design said...

Have you ever read any of Jess Smith's books? They are mostly autobiographical telling her story as the child of a Perthshire travelling family.
She also shares old poems and songs and one of these is my favourite. It's called The Last O' the Tinklers, by Violet Jacob. Really sad, but beautiful.

Emily said...

I've never read any of Jess Smith's books, but I shall certainly search some out. I think my friend based a lot of her work on her books, which is possibly why - despite me coming from Blair and her nowhere near - I've avoided it.

I've always quite liked the idea of doing something based on some of the myths from around Perthshire. The Green Lady or The Lady in the Tower in particular. I read/was read The Ghost O' Mause by Maurice Fleming when I was in primary school and I've always been fascinated by it.

I quite like the idea of maybe doing something based on Dartmoor legends. But that's because I love Seth Lakeman's myth inspired album Kitty Jay. They're beautifully interpreted and I love the music.

Definitely something to think about!

Thank you Fiona :) x

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